Case Record Preliminaries

At the preliminary stage advisers will need to collect the background information their organisation needs about the client and their circumstances. This information is usually used for administrative, statistical and monitoring purposes.

It can include:

  • family circumstances
  • housing status
  • employment situation
  • health or disability issues
  • information for equality purposes.

Advisers may also need to:

  • establish why the client contacted your organisation
  • get their consent to comply with data protection rules
  • get their authorisation to allow the adviser to contact third parties on their behalf
  • explain the organisation’s role and boundaries
  • explain the organisation’s complaints procedure
  • offer the client a Service Information Leaflet.

Before being offered a debt advice interview the client may have to go through a diagnostic or triage process.

The adviser may then need to offer a debt advice appointment and ask the client to complete pro forma documents or prepare certain information before the appointment.

The below documentation can be used to ensure that all the preliminary information is gathered at the start of the client’s journey.

Debt Advice Preliminary Client Information