Digital CPAG Debt Advice Handbook 13th Edition

MaPS are delighted to be working with the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) to provide a vital resource to the sector through this new partnership. The CPAG Debt Advice Handbook – 13th edition was released on 25th February 2020. It is a well-established central and reliable resource that is used as a reference point to support advisers in ensuring the delivery of quality debt advice. We are excited to announce that the latest Debt Advice Handbook will be hosted on AskCPAG with open access meaning it will be accessible to all, for free, from any computer or mobile device.

This new, digital resource will compliment and add to the range of existing MaPS resources and tools provided to advisers including the Good Practice Toolkit, the IMA Adviser Networking and Information Sharing website and the Specialist Support Service provided by Shelter.

Following feedback from advisers across the debt advice sector, MaPS recognises that it can be difficult accessing updated technical debt information. Having this range of resources available digitally to advisers, whether working from home, in the office or out in communities, will now mean that advisers are able to easily access the latest information to provide high quality debt advice to those who need it. The digital version of the book will be updated in real-time in collaboration with the editors, meaning that users can be kept up to date with any changes to relevant legislation, caselaw and court procedure and practice. The AskCPAG platform also provides enhanced functionality, allowing users to save bookmarks and annotations. AskCPAG also has a citation tool and share function.


The digital Debt Advice Handbook – 13th Edition can now be accessed here.