Explore The Debt Problem

Exploration is a crucial part of the debt advice process and lays the foundation advisers need to provide full debt advice. It involves gathering information about the client’s debts, such as:

  • the reason for financial difficulty and whether it is temporary or longer term
  • types of debts and how they have arisen
  • the amount of outstanding debt
  • the date any last payment was made
  • the stage of enforcement action
  • any action already taken.

It also involves gathering information about the client’s personal situation including:

  • income
  • expenditure
  • housing status
  • other people in their household
  • any health issues or disabilities
  • the client’s capacity and ability to take action on their own behalf
  • what the client wants to achieve
  • if the client is returning, what has happened since they last received advice.

The below form is a checklist to assist advisers during the Debt Advice Interview with the client. It can either be used as a checklist with notes being recorded elsewhere e.g. directly in the Debt Advice Case Record or advisers can make notes in the space provided alongside the checklist and refer to them when they come to write up the Debt Advice Case Record or Confirmation of Advice Letter. A copy of the completed checklist should be attached to the Case File.

Client Fact Find