MaPS Continuous Professional Development Scheme

Following feedback from the MAS commissioning consultation workshops in 2017, findings from Peer Review and recommendations from the Peter Wyman review, it is clear that the debt advice sector would benefit from more help, both financially and administratively, to invest more time in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity that will help to improve quality of advice within the sector.

As per the MaPS grant agreements, organisations will need to evidence that their MaPS funded debt advisers undertake 16 hours/equivalent of CPD. CPD activity required during the grant agreements should mainly focus on debt advice at a sufficiently technical level to develop an adviser’s knowledge and practice.

The below links provide further information on the CPD Scheme: as well as the template to be used when reporting staff changes.

CPD Scheme Guidance 2021/22 v5

CPD Scheme FAQs

Staff changes can be made via this form.

If you have a query that is not answered by the scheme guidance or FAQs and is not regarding staff changes you can submit it here.