Standard Financial Statement

The Standard Financial Statement (SFS) is a tool used to summarise a person’s income and outgoings, along with any debts they owe. Primarily for people seeking debt advice, the SFS is mainly used by debt advice providers and other relevant organisations.

It provides a single format for financial statements, allowing the debt advice sector and creditors to work together to achieve the right outcomes for people struggling with their finances

Experienced advisers with queries

For advisers familiar with financial statements and building an accurate understanding of a client’s budget, the following resources will provide support with particular queries related to usage of the SFS.

SFS User Guide (you will need your organisation’s membership login)

SFS Code of Conduct

SFS FAQs (you will need your organisation’s membership login)

If you have a query that is not in the FAQs please contact the SFS support team at or by visiting the SFS website.

New advisers on training
New advisers in training may wish to take the SFS e-learning module, which is available to members on the SFS website and can be accessed here. This gives an accessible overview of the user guide, with case studies and interactive examples. To access the SFS e-learning module yo will need your organisation’s membership login.

Your organisation may already be registered to use the financial statement but if your organisation is not registered as an SFS member, you can make an application online using the short form. There is no charge, and the account will give access to generic resources including the SFS formats, spending guidelines, supporting tools, guidance and so on. For more information click how to apply to use the SFS