Activity Sets

The following table provides a definition of each of the six debt advice activity sets in the Money and Pensions Service Quality Framework for Individuals.

These can be used as a guide by supervisors, debt advisers and assessment professionals to help identify appropriate training courses.


Activity set Definition
Initial contact The member of staff will be the first point of contact in the service for the client, they may explain the remit of the service, may gather basic personal information, provide information and/or signpost the client if appropriate
Support work The member of staff may provide information relating to the remit of the service, collect client information, identify the client’s problem, identify related issues, identify any immediate or urgent priority matters, agree appropriate next steps and signpost or arrange a referral for the client to other services where appropriate.
Advice The adviser will diagnose the client’s problem(s), giving information and explaining options and helping the client decide between options.  The provision of information alone is not advice. Advice can include some action such as referral to another organisation, identifying options and next steps, giving assistance such as form filling and contacting third parties for information.  There is no rule about the maximum number of contacts.
Casework/Specialist The adviser takes on responsibility for the conduct of a case and/or an adviser takes action on behalf of the client. The adviser drives and manages the case and maintains a continuing relationship with the client.  Negotiation, advocacy and representation where appropriate are common features of casework.
Court representation The adviser makes preparation for proceedings on behalf of the client, prepares the client for formal proceedings, and may go on to represent the client in formal proceedings in relation to their debts within the rights of audience for these proceedings.
Supervision The adviser provides technical debt advice support to other advisers within and/or outside their own organisation.