Debt Advice Service Innovation

Debt Advice Service Innovation (DASI) describes a workstream led by the Innovation Team at MaPS which focuses on transforming evidence and knowledge into operational insights for the overall improvement of the impact and efficiency of debt advice services. Their work combines behavioural science and service design principles and methods.

How you can use this work

MaPS have used the learning from this work to create informative toolkits to help debt advice organisations utilise the practical learnings and effective service changes identified for the benefit of their clients. We encourage debt advice organisations to look at the resources provided to review their current services.

Please find the details of our recent projects below:

Work with us to innovate the debt advice service

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MaPS’s approach to innovation delivery

Our work starts with identifying ideas of possible ways to innovate within a debt advice service from insight of previous research studies and sector needs.

Based on these we design a ‘prototype’ – a proposal for service change. This consists of a set of changes to introduce into the normal execution of operations. The prototype is presented to debt advice organisations, who are invited to take part in the implementation. For example, in the case of the ‘reducing missed appointments’ work, we proposed a New Communication System made of three templates to remind clients of their pre-booked appointments.

The focus of our work is then understanding how the prototypes are implemented. In our example, what do frontline staff need to do to implement the New Communication System? What are the challenges?  The impact is then monitored over a period of time to evaluate the effectiveness of the prototype.

A ‘final product’ is then proposed that includes recommendations on how it can be implemented efficiently, based on the experience and learning gathered from the frontline staff.