Specialist Debt Advice Service

The Specialist Debt Advice Service (SDAS) is delivered by Shelter and provides advice and support to advisers. The service aims to enable advisers to provide accurate debt advice to over-indebted clients, empowering them to achieve good client outcomes and increasing adviser confidence by providing access to the most relevant technical and tailored advice.  It is accessible to independent debt advice agencies, Local Citizens Advice, local authorities, housing associations, IMA members and other voluntary sector agencies.

The core service provides professionals with support on specific queries relating to a specific client case. The service can offer: advice and support with complex enquiries, a second opinion, tactics on how to approach a case or creditor and clarification on new laws. Advisers can submit an enquiry either through an online form or via the helpline.

More information on submitting an enquiry and the online form can be found here.

The service ensures there is a focus on increasing awareness of more complex legal information, lack of knowledge of certain procedures or complexity in application of the law.

The service assists to identify knowledge gaps and has developed a range of resources for advisers which can be found here, and a monthly newsletter which you can sign up to receive here.